Native iOS Application

Export the application as a iOS Application. The exported .app file will contain the application resources that were selected. This option is only available on MacOS development platforms and requires that the iOS mobile development environment be configured prior to export. This configuration is discussed in the chapter the section called “Exporting to iOS Devices”.

The following are parameters available for the Native iOS Application export

Application Parameters

These parameters allow the user to change the application name, the company identifier, the signing identity and provisioning profile. Other parameters allow the user to change the application orientation, scaling, whether the status bar is shown.

Runtime Parameters

This is where the user specifies the Storyboard Runtime to export in the app. The user can also specify runtime options here.

Icon Parameters

Here the user can set the icons and launch screens for the application. There are different images for different types of iOS devices, i.e. iPhone, iPhone retina, iPad, iPad retina.