Native Android Application (APK)

Export the application as a Android Native Application. The exported .apk file will contain the application resources that were selected.

The following are parameters available for the Native Android Application export

Application Parameters

These parameters allow the user to change the application name, the APK file name, the application UID, and the application version information. Other parameters allow the user to change the application orientation, scaling, and whether the status bar is shown.

Application Name

The name that will appear on your device's UI for the app. This name doesn't have to be unique

Android Package File Name

This is the name of the apk file that is exported. This name has no effect once your application is installed.

Android Unique Application Identifier

This ID uniquely identifies your app on the device and in Google Play Store. It looks like a Java package name (ie. com.example.myapp).

Runtime Parameters

This is where the user specifies the Storyboard Runtime to export in the APK. The user can also specify runtime options here.

Manifest Parameters

Here the user can set their shared object list and add additional permissions to the Android manifest file.

Icon Parameters

Here the user can set the icons for the application.