Generating Events on Variable Change

It is possible to associate a user-defined event to be generated when a variable's value is changed. These events are designed to facilitate the synchronization of user interface elements that may not be directly associated with the variables whose data is changing. A typical scenario would be to monitor the position or location of a control and send a notification when it changes in order to maintain a corresponding relationship in another control.

In order to specify the event to be generated, simply enter the event name into the Event column of the desired variable or select the variable from the list and right-click and select Bind Event which will open the event definition list allowing you to pick from existing events or create a new one.

The variable change events are designed to be used to synchronize the user interface display with an updated variable value and are not meant to be used as counters for each changed value of a variable. For each variable change an event is added to the event queue only if there is not already an event with the same name in the queue waiting to be processed. Until that event is serviced, no additional events will be queued for that variable, or any variable generating the same event name.