Layers View

The Layers view provides a thumbnail display of the layers used by the currently selected screen and also displays a thumbnail of all of the other layers that are available for use but are not bound to the selected screen.

Layers are categorized as either being included on the current screen or not. Layers can be added or removed from the current screen by dragging and dropping them either into or out of the current screen area, or by using the delete key.

Layers are listed according to their front (top) to back (bottom) order z-order presentation. Manipulate the order by dragging and dropping the layers within the view or using the toolbar buttons. In addition, the Layer view provides the ability to change the visibility within the application. If the visibility or z-order are changed, the change is immediately reflected in the editor and will also be reflected in the Storyboard Engine runtime deployment.

Using the toolbar controls in the Layers view it is possible to create new layers and also to open up the Layer editor mode to work with layers independent of the screens with which they are associated.