#include <gre/gre.h>                
int gr_application_get_data(
  gr_application_t *app, 
  const char *fqn,
  const char *variable,
  gr_str_t *orig_fmt,
  const char *fmt,
  gr_data_union_t *data


The gr_application_get_data_variable function provides an interface to get Storyboard data variables associated with a key, and their formats. Combines the fqn and variable to create a key in the form of "fqn.variable".

        app         A pointer to an application handle created using gr_application_create_args.
        fqn         The fully qualified name name of the object, should be NULL for app level variables
        variable  The name of the variable to get
        orig_fmt  Location to store a string reference to requested data key's format. Can be NULL. 
                       If returned, it is up to the client to un-reference if they choose (gr_str_free)
        fmt          The format describing the format you want the data in: 1s0 (string) | 4u1 (uint32_t) | 4s1 (int32_t) … etc.
                       Can be NULL (data key format used)
        data         Location to store the returned data, this is a copy of the requested data

        Zero on success, -1 on failure.

The gr_application_get_data function is a method of retrieving the data values and formats for any keys associated Storyboard engine variables.