Send a new event over a Storyboard IO channel. This action is best suited for name only event delivery. It is possible to use this action for simple single data item payloads (ie a single string or a single numeric value) but it is not recommended. The Lua API provides a more comprehensive Storyboard IO event delivery mechanism via the gre.send_event or gre.send_event_data function calls.

The action parameters below map directly to the Storyboard IO C API and a more comprehensive explanation of their use can be found there and in the Storyboard architecture and Working with Eventssections of this document.



Storyboard IO channel name to send the event to (required)


The name of the event to generate (required)


The fully qualified name of the target for the event as a string. (optional)


The format of the event data (optional). Only a single data format element can be provided in this action (ie 1s0 or 4s1)


The data payload for the event (optional). This data must match the type associated with the format string to be properly interpreted.