Simulating your Application

After an application has been created, it is a good idea to run it through the simulator to validate the runtime behavior before exporting the application to a Storyboard Embedded Engine deployment file.  The simulator is a host-based instance of the Storyboard Embedded Engine and should exhibit the same operational behavior as the target, though there may be differences in the level of performance obtained because of the different CPU and graphic characteristics.

The simulation of a Storyboard application can be invoked from a number of different locations within the Designer environment.

If no simulator launch configuration exists, then this will create a default configuration for you and launch the simulator with your application.

If you need to change the simulator launch properties, or you would like to create a new configuration then you will want to use the Storyboard Simulator Configurations option instead.

Within the Storyboard Simulator Configurations dialog you have the ability to create new simulation launch configurations or change the properties and settings of an existing simulation launch configuration.

The Storyboard Engine Command Line area shows the final assembled command line that will be passed to the sbengine that has been selected as the simulator.

It is possible to have multiple different simulator launch configurations for a single project that perform different types of execution. For example you may choose to create a second launch configuration that enables the Lua debugger option or perhaps you have different launch configurations that allow you to perform and event capture and then another for event playback. When you launch the Storyboard Simulator, if there are multiple configurations available a dialog will prompt you to select the configuration that you want to run, allowing quick selection between different pre-configured options

In the event of multiple application project files within a project the Select Storyboard Application Model(s) presentation will change allowing you to select one or more application files to launch. If you are working with multiple Storyboard application models, then you should continue reading Multi-File Application Development for more details around multi-file simulations and exports.