Setting up muti-touch with Storyboard is relatively straight forward. In most cases you only need to pass the multi-touch device to Storyboard using the following option:

sbengine -omtdev,device=[path to touch device] your_app.gapp

Determining the Touch Device

Typically the touch device is labelled as /dev/input/touch0. You can easily verify by using the cat utility:

cat /dev/input/touch0

Executing the above command and touching the screen should present characters to the terminal verifying you have the right device.

Input Bounds Parameters

Usually the sbengine mtdev plugin queries and receives the correct information from the touch device. Sometimes, due to manufacturer's not following the correct specifications etc., the touch device does not get initialized correctly and the touch coordinates are off. In that case you need to use the -omtdev,calibrate option in conjunction with the mtcalib application to acquire the bounds parameters for screen calibration. To do that you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Get the mtcalib sample from the Crank public SVN. Importing sample projects from Crank's public SVN can be found here.

  2. Run sbengine with the mtcalib sample:

    sbengine -omtdev,calibrate mtcalib.gapp

  3. Pass the bounds information that you acquired from the mtcalib application to your original sbengine commandline:

    sbengine -omtdev,device=/dev/input/touch0,bounds=0:0:32000:32000 your_app.gapp