Step 3: Selecting The Storyboard Embedded Engine

The Storyboard Embedded Engine is the optimized runtime component that resides on the target platform that interprets the data bundle to display the Storyboard application. The Storyboard Embedded Engine is categorized by operating system, system architecture, and rendering technology.

All the supported Storyboard Embedded Engines are shipped with Storyboard and are located under the Storyboard_Engine directory.


For the purpose of this example, the Storyboard application and Storyboard Embedded Engine will be exported to a USB drive.

To run the Storyboard application on the TI AM335 a Linux, Armle, OpenGL ES runtime is required. Copy the linux-tiam335x-armle-opengles_2.0-obj Storyboard Embedded Engine and place it on the USB drive along with the Storyboard application that was just exported.