Creating Your Own Demo

Follow these steps to create your own demo in Storyboard Designer for the STM32 target platform:

  1. Create a new application with a screen resolution of 480x272.

  2. Add content to your application

  3. Simulate and test your application on the desktop to verify functionality

  4. Insert the SD card in your system and mount it

  5. Export your Storyboard application directly to the SD card

    1. Right click on the Application file (.gde)

    2. Select “Storyboard Export”

    3. Select “Export Storyboard Embedded Engine”

    4. Under “Select export directory” deselect the “Use same directory as selected model file” checkbox and select “Browse”

    5. Browse to the SD card and create a new directory for your application

    6. Select “Finish”

  6. Edit the “SB_App.txt” file on the SD card and change the name of the application to load to be your new application, including directory name and gapp file name.

  7. Place the SD card into the target platform and reboot