The iorvc utility is used to receive Storyboard IO events. This utility takes an input channel name as a command line parameter and prints the events it receives. Running iogen without any parameters provides a usage message:


./iorcv [-s] channel_name

By default, iorcv will loop around receiving messages until the program is terminated. By specifying -s you can cause iorcv to exit once it has received a single message.

When a message is received, a summary of the event contents is printed to the output:

./iorcv my_channel

Waiting on channel [my_channel]

Event Received [my_event_name] on channel [my_channel]:

Event Target: [no_target]

Event Format: []

Event Data (0 bytes):

This would be the response to an event generated by iogen with the following arguments:

./iogen my_channel no_target my_event_name

Connecting to Storyboard IO channel [my_channel]