Application IDs

Log into your iOS Development account and click on the iOS Provisioning Portal link at the right hand side of the page. In your Provisioning Portal, click App IDs in the left tab bar. For this section we recommend you set up a generic App ID and have it accept all of you applications. However if you wish to enable other iOS like Push Notifications or In-App Purchase, you will need to make an ID for that individual app. To create a generic App ID, click the Add New App ID Button. Now enter a description of the app the Id will match with, e.g., "Application Development ID". Now enter the Bundle identifier. If this is a generic App ID simply type "*". If this is for a specific app, enter the app's identifier. For example, "com.cranksoftware.storyboardApp". Now click submit to go back to the previous page, find the App ID, and configure all of the options that this specific application needs.