Running Storyboard Engine

The Storyboard Engine executable (sbengine) is located in the bin folder of the Storyboard Engine directory structure. Now that the Storyboard Engine and Storyboard application (development bundle) are located on the embedded target and the Environmental Variables have been set, the Storyboard Engine can run a Storyboard application as follows:

sbengine thermostat.gapp

The Storyboard Engine is a self contained executable which loads plugins for added functionality.  The Engine can be run as follows:

sbengine [-i] [-v] [-o] [storyboard application]

Table 3. Options

-iDisplays which version of sbengine and related libs are being used
-vVerbosity, more v’s means more verbose output.
-oPlugin or manager options

Each plugin or manager defines its name and possible options.

As the verbosity level to Storyboard is increased, you will see more information about the execution of the runtime engine.