Animation and Variable Support

Information on what is possible with the FBX file format is included below, but the bottom line is that almost all 3D Modeling DCC tools dispense with almost all of this structure and bake the movements down into a single take/layer, so in Storyboard, for simplicity, we define a 3D scene animation to have:

Channels are defined as a node/transform pair, such as "FrontDriversSideDoor"/RX (x rotation). These map to rows in the animation timeline in Designer.

Curves are defined by key frames, and include a key frame time and value for the transform. These will map to the endpoints of Animation Steps in Designer.

The Storyboard variables that are automatically associated with nodes in the 3D model are generalized as the following variable:

RotationRX, RY, RZ
ScaleSX, SY, SZ
TranslationTX, TY, TZ
Hidden Statehidden