What are C Callbacks?

On resource contrained systems, you can reduce your memory footprint by using C instead of Lua. Typically, the systems that require this type of configuration are running with a virtual filesystem (VFS) and are required to use the Storyboard Embedded Resource Header (C/C++) functionality of Storyboard. A gra.ccallback action is used in place of gra.lua action. In order to support faster development cycles, it is possible to use the C callback plugin in dynamic environments as well. The C callback plugin needs to be pointed to the (dll/so) with the option -occallback,path=[path to lib]. In the non VFS case, if the C callback action cannot find the requested function, it will fallback to Lua, to try and find a function with a matching name, this is to allow developers to use Lua to implement functionality quickly, then migrate the functionality into C once the desired behavior has been achieved.