Saved Mode

The Saved Mode tab in the Connector View is used to send preset events, known as event instances. An event instance is an event that has been pre-configured for reuse.

Here we have the event 'power' and two event instances 'Power On' and 'Power Off'. The Connector View will default to using a boolean editor when an event element is defined with a min of 0 and a max of 1.

There are two ways to send an event from Saved Mode. The first method is to double click on an event instance in the events tree, the second is to press the button that appears beside event instances in the event tree.

The Save button is used to save the changes made to the currently selected event instance.

The Save As... button is used to save the current event configuration as a new event instance. Provide a name for the new event instance in the Save As... dialog.

The Restore Defaults button is used to return the currently selected event instance back to it's saved state.

The Filter Events field is used to search for events and event instances by name.