Resource Tree

The resource tree allows for the selection of individual resources so that options can be changed on individual resources.

The filter allows for the searching of resources based on name.

The tree is grouped by each of the different resource types, images, fonts, scripts, and other. There is a right-click menu that can be invoked that will allow for the creation, deletaion, and reverting of the current configuration. It also allows for the generation of image maps if the image map option is selected. References to currently selected resource can also be searched for in the model.

The "Add Resource" button at the button of the tree allows for the addition of resources that are not in the images, fonts or scripts directories. The "Add Font" button allows for the addition of a font that is shipped by Designer. If the storage type for the configuration is "VFS" and the font export format is "Bitmap" the a size can also be selected for the font.