Direct Editing

In addition to the standard model editing functionality, some render extensions have direct edit functionality. To enable the direct edit on a control with one of these render extensions, the user needs to do a slow double click on the control.

3D Model

When the direct edit mode is activated, a set of xyz axes will appear in the bottom left corner of the control. At that point the user can use their mouse to move the model. Holding the shift key allows the user to rotate the model using their mouse. As well, holding either the x, y, or z key isolates that axis when either translating or rotating the model. When the user is finished editing the model, they just need to click anywhere outside of the control to end the direct edit.

2D Polygon Editing

When direct edit is activated, the user can create and edit a polygon on the screen using hotkey toggles. Hold 'shift' and click within the control bounds to create new vertices (ideally, 3 vertices are needed to have a sufficiently visible polygon). Hold 'control' and click on a particular vertex to delete it from the polygon. Hold 'alt + shift' and click near an edge to create a new vertex splitting that particular edge. Vertices can be moved by simple click and drag. Exit quick edit by moving mouse out of the control bounds.