Control variables

The following values can be queried and changed through normal data management channels.

grd_x4s1The control's x position relative to its layer
grd_y4s1The control's y position relative to its layer
grd_width4s1The control's width
grd_height4s1The control's height
grd_zindex4s1The control's z-index position. This sets the stacking order of controls within its layer where 0 is at the back (furthest from the eye).
grd_hidden 1u1The control's visibility. A value of 0 indicates that the control is visible and 1 that it is hidden
grd_active1u1A value of 1 states that the control is active (can receive and react to events) and 0 for an inactive control (cannot receive or react to events)
grd_opaque1u1Indicates if the control is opaque to events. If opaque (1), the control will block events from being handled by other controls.  If the value is 0, the events flow through the control to ones behind it.
grd_findex4s1The control's focus index. This sets the focus on a control in a navigation sequence, where 1 sets the focus on the first control, 2 sets the second, etc. A value of 0 indicates that the control is not focusable. In order for a control's focus index to be changed dynamically at runtime, the focus value must be initially set to a non-zero value in Storyboard Designer.