#include <gre/gre.h>
int gr_context_get_fqn(
  gr_action_context_t *action_context, 
  char *buffer, 
  int buffer_len

The gr_context_get_fqn function stores the fully qualified name of the target model object in the buffer provided up to buffer_len characters.


        action_context  The action context to get the fully qualified name from 
        buffer          The character buffer to store the fully qualifed name in, the first character may be set to null, if there 
                        is no target in the action context
        buffer_len      The storage space that the buffer has to store the name, see function gr_context_max_fqn


        The length of the fully qualified name if there is a target model object in the context, -1 otherwise

The gr_context_get_fqn function will build the fully qulified name for the target model object based on the action context and store it in the buffer that is provided, up to buffer_len bytes. It will return the length of the fully qualified name. If there is no target model object in the action context, the function will return -1 and set the first character in buffer to NULL.