#include <gre/gre.h>                
gr_application_t * gr_application_create_args(
  const char *bundle, 
  int flags, 
  char * const *options, 
  int option_count


The gr_application_create_args function creates the application handle for the Storyboard Engine. The application handle can be used to further configure the engine or to start it's execution.

        bundle A pointer to the model data.  This may be a filename or a string based on the flags parameter.
        flags One or more GR_APP_* flags that control how the application handle is created
        options A pointer to an array of option/value pairs used to initialize the engine or NULL if no options 
         are provided.
        option_count  The number of options in the options array, must be even (0, 2, 4, ...)

        An application handle on success or NULL on failure.  On platforms where errno is available, it will contain 
        failure details.

The gr_application_create_args function will load a model, initialize the engine's plugin subsystem and then return an application handle. The model can be loaded from a file if the flags are GR_APP_LOAD_FILE or the model can be loaded from an in-memory block if the flags are GR_APP_LOAD_STRING. Once the model is loaded and plugins are initialized control returns to the caller.