Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013) Events

Limited gestures support has been added to the winevent plugin for the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 platform. This support has been added via the Storyboard Engine winevent plugin (libgre-plugin-winevent.dll) and this plugin must be included in Storyboard Engine distribution.

The gesture support is designed to make visible the internal Windows gesture events and payloads that are generated from the underlying system as described in this document:

As of the Storyboard 4.2 release, only the GID_PAN and GID_SCROLL sub-category of WM_GESTURE gesture events are translated into corresponding Storyboard events. These events will only be generated on WEC2013 hardware platforms where the BSP has been configured with gesture event support and the touchscreen driver configured to enable such event generation.

In order to add application support for receiving these win.gesture events, the events must be added to the Storyboard Designer application. The events can be added in the same manner as any other user defined events are added at the point where they are used to trigger an action within the "New Action" dialog.